Writer’s Block

You see, I am currently in the still of my house enjoying some solitude while my baby brother sleeps soundly upstairs despite the Ben Howard guitar riffs storming through the speakers.  It has been a while since I have been able to sit down with a mug of tea and just write, and just be.  So this thing some would call writer’s block has been chewing at my ideas and spewing them out in rather sporadic bundles of words.

committed to exceptional service

The last two evenings of my life I devoted myself to the exceptional service towards any customer of the Real Canadian Superstore. I am a cashier and have to say that it is interesting how some days I can go to work in the most grouchy mood (we all have those days)…  but after a few hours of smiling and making small talk with strangers I find myself actually feeling the happiness and willingness I portray.  The way we think and the way our actions can control our thoughts (and vice versa) is really mind blowing. Like I said, my ideas are a little all over the place this evening.  This just feels as if it is becoming an honest-to-goodness blog post, the kind of night to have a genuine chat with you reading this out there.

In my last post, I mentioned a certain bake sale I was planning for earlier today, as a fundraiser for Free The Children.  Well, my school is one busy place!  The boys on our track team are headed to an invitational track meet in Toronto next week, and I did not want to interfere with their fundraising, so I bumped my bake sale to NEXT FRIDAY! This gives me more time to promote it and get busy baking, I am looking forward to the new set Bake Sale, so you should be too. 😉

inspiration from instagram

This week was also exciting in that I have officially booked the Sunningdale School gym to use as a Family Fun Centre during my Spinal Muscular Atrophy Walk n’ Roll Fundraiser for June! SMA is my platform and I am very excited about how everything is coming together, I promise to have more details soon!!  I also have been arranging meeting to work on speaking in Elementary Schools to share with them my story and promote SMA awareness. It feels great to be making progress on a goal I have had set and been passionate about right from the beginning.  I also am grateful to call MJ Electric Ltd. a new sponsor!  Going along with the photo to the left, I know I have read more than once that success is built not by one big action by small daily efforts, and it is proving to be more and more true in my life.  I’m not going to lie, I haven’t felt this exhausted in some time, but it is a good kind of exhaustion.  The kind screaming at me to get some sleep before my shift at 8:30 tomorrow morning but also the kind that I’ll forget about once the drive to head out and do some more planning towards promoting my platform kicks in.   I love the pageant world, as it is perfectly chaotic & more wonderful than I ever imagined.

Cinco de Mayo is soon, soon, soon!  I will be making an appearance at Siera Bearchell’s Fit and Fearless Run (registration is open until midnight!) Sunday morning at 11:30 right here in Moose Jaw!  I am excited to be a part of this great fundraiser and to see all of you Fit and Fearless runners out there. 😉

It is time to drift away into a state of mind where it doesn’t matter how jumbled my ideas decide to become.

Sweet Dreams!

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