Last week I did one of my first “Kind Campaign” presentations. I spoke to the Sparks (they are a part of the Girl Guides). There were 15 5-7 year old girls who were at the meeting I came and talked at. I told them all about how being a girl isn’t easy most of the time and how everyone is fighting their own battles so its very important to always respect each other and be kind. My platform of eliminating girl to girl bullying fit perfectly into the unit they were working on with Girl Guides! It was along the lines kindness toward women in society. It really surprised me they were tackling a subject that big and actually able to understand and apply it to their lives.


What I mainly focused on at that particular speech was the importance of being kind to everyone, not just girls, but even a sibling who they might not favour! To keep their attention I kept the presentation to the point and tried to be as interactive as possible, to do this I asked them many questions, and their answers shocked me. I asked the girls to put up their hands if they’d ever been put down or hurt by another female. Each and everyone of them put their hand up, and most were trying to burst out with stories of the situation. The fact they’re so young and have already experienced this cruelty is just sick, where would a little girl like that even find mean words to say to that poor girl, I was genuinely upset.

I got the girls to realize that they were part of the problem too, I continued on with the interactive aspect of the program with the TAP’s part of the Kind Campaign. Truth, apology, pledge. The truth part was realizing they are part of the problem, even if they haven’t bullied someone personally, but even if they’ve just stood by and saw bullying, they need to put an end to it and stick up for people. Apology is to go back and apologize to that girl who they might have hurt and make sure they never do some thing to intentionally hurt someone again. And finally pledge, to promise that they will pledge to unite in kindness in an effort to end female bullying.

At the end they gave me some of their delicious cookies as a thank you gift, but really I should be thanking them for the opportunity. I didn’t get many questions as most of the kids were pretty shy, but I tried to explain anything that they may have not understood. The idea of bullying is a huge thing that is often summarized so much the meaning is lost. I am not a huge fan of the word bullying as it is. The term is over used and the meaning is under felt. We need to understand this behaviour is crime and unacceptable in any situation. I’m so happy I got to speak to such young girls, because their minds are so easily biased at this age into thinking whatever their role models believe. Maybe what I said will sink in more than those unkind ideas placed by others. I can only hope.

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  1. Rob Campbell says:

    Well done.Cut out the Hello again line at the beginning. Congrats on your Kind Campaign – thanks for sharing. That’s a tasty little blog post with the big picture of cookies. Nice touch.

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