I had an interesting afternoon.  In White City, the Saskatchewan Down Syndrome Society  had their Annual General Meeting.  The members brought their families for an afternoon of fun, and the Board had a chance to meet in person and discuss their year ahead.  My mom is the Board Manager of the SDSS, so I was lucky enough to tag along and hang out with these awesome people!

"Hold Still and Smile!"

While the parents handled the serious talk, we had a blast!  As you can see, many of us were lucky enough to switch into alter egos such as puppy dogs, butterflies or Superheroes by the name of Iron Man, Spiderman, and Batman.  With games of tag and crayons galore, it was not hard to keep these new friends of mine entertained. As I got to know them, I understood that these are the kind of people who don’t need face paint to prove they are superheroes.  Some past acquaintances, some meeting for the first time, they were comfortable with what some would find uncomfortable differences and treated each other with the kindness you would your own family.  Although it was not my first time sharing company with the members of the SDSS, they never cease to shower me with welcoming smiles and heart felt good-byes.

Carter with a Crown

This little Spider-man goes by the name of Carter, and was a new friend I was glad to make.  Throughout the day, I would hear a small “Hi” and turn to see him passing by with a shy smile.  If you’re ever craving versatile conversation, I suggest spending time with anyone between the ages of 3 and 8 while wearing a crown and sash.  I was persistently questioned as to why exactly my nails are pink, why I have a crown and does that mean I have a castle, what exactly was draped over my dress and finally why, oh why is it unsafe to play with candles?

I couldn’t have spend my afternoon with greater company, and I look forward to being a part of the annual SDSS “Fun Run” Fundraiser this June. This semi-formal appearance really brought to life the power of my title.  Placing a crown on the heads of kids like Carter brings a smile to their face and a memory they won’t forget, which is a simple gift that is one of the greatest to give.

My ideas for promoting my platform of Spinal Muscular Atrophy are being brought more and more to life each day and I can not wait to start sharing my story and making more smiles & memories.

Have a wonderful night! 🙂


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