Michael Bublé is a Britsh Columbian native who has become an extremely successful Canadian artist, bringing home three Grammys and multiple Juno Awards. Wed to supermodel Luisana Lopilato, they are a couple impossible not to adore.  Expecting a baby this August, excitement is building in Canada for the reveal of a new addition to the family.


Beaming with love, they are a couple anyone can relate to, and everyone wants to be.  Is it possible they are the ideal face for advertising the unique Canadian- run business, Signature Towels? I believe so!  I have created the perfect vision for a 30 second commercial featuring the Bublé’s that is sure to be a break through in the industry of marketing specialized towels.


Lookin' good- only thing missing is a Signature Towel


Scene 1: Opening up with a shot of the couple out for a jog in the early morning, the chorus of “It’s A Beautiful Day” by Bublé is playing into their headphones, becoming the catchy tune of the ad.    Luisana’s pregnant body tires out and she stops to wipe her brow with a personalized towel.


Scene 2: The shot will then cut quickly to a scene of the couple each reaching a hand out of the shower to grab their His & Hers Signature Towels.

Scene 3: Short and sweet clips showcase the duo get ready for their day by dancing around a hotel, dressing up very elegant for a very important event.  A clip of their calendar reveals they are going to the 2013 Juno Awards in Regina, Saskatchewan!

True Canadians

Scene 4: Arriving on the red carpet, bombarded with flashing cameras and bright lights-the heat builds up and the camera picks up the sweat beading down their foreheads.

Scene 5: Backstage, they reach into their bags to find their one and only Signature Hand Towels and are thankful to have a piece of home to sooth their nerves.

Scene 6: Showcasing Michael’s performance as host of the 2013 Juno Awards, the camera follows him backstage where he once again is relieved to find a towel with his name on it.

Scene 7: Michael finds his wife fanning off the frenzied Carly Rae Jepson who has just received a Juno.  Congratulating Carly, he then offers a laugh at the situation of Luisana fanning Carly.  Carly claims the towel has been a gift from the Heavens and jokes about how she can’t believe she doesn’t have one of these yet.  The couple give each other a knowing look.

Special Delivery!

Scene 8: The commercial wraps up with a reveal of Carly receiving her own personalized bath robe from Michael & Luisana, giving a final wink into the camera.

Scene 9: The Bublé’s open their door to a package from Carly with a note on top reading “To sooth each frenzied moment,” inside is a complete towel set specialized for their baby.

Perfect Runaway Spot

Using the country trails here in Saskatchewan for the opening scene and the Temple Gardens Spa here in Moose Jaw as the hotel will create a unique environment to create each scene and set.  Elegant structures throughout the hotel can be transformed to red carpet beauty, backstage areas, and of course the concert clip through the smoke and mirrors magic of the cameras and some simple set design.


Shining with Success

Mr. Bublé and his wife have the magnetism to draw the attention of consumers of all ages and genders.  Featuring Carly Rae Jepson will be a catch to the commercial that brings even more intrigue into the product these influential artists are presenting!  I believe that  each aspect to this idea has potential to pull together to something fantastic.

Leaving the audience with the inspiration to give the gift of a specialized towel will surely boost the industry of embroidered towels to be the new must-have item.


In closing,  I would like to thank  Signature Towels for their generous sponsorship of the third Miss Teen Canada World Blog Assignment.

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