If there is one thing I love, it is travelling.  Even though I am not certain as to what career I will pursue, I always have the mindset that whatever I chose must allow me the flexibility to travel.  Some beyond exciting news is that the best student travel company in our country, S-Trip! is awarding this years Social Media Queen with a Grad Trip!

For over 35 years S-Trip! has been a leader in student travel providing life-changing trips to over 40,000 students annually in over 40 destinations around the world. S-Trip! travelers are encouraged to become global citizens; opening their eyes to new cultures, languages, and experiences. Recently named Profit Magazine’s 25th fastest growing company in Canada, and recognized as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies by Deloitte and CIBC, S-Trip! is a leader in student travel in North America. Find out more at www.s-trip.com.

Dreaming up my vision of the perfect Grad Trip, I picture myself boarding a plane to the exotic Costa Rica.  For as long as I can remember, I have been craving a vacation to this humid, wild, and vibrant country.  Packing my seven day vacation with the experiences of a lifetime to remember forever as the final farewell of our graduating class is the kind of magic the S-Trip! community creates.

Riding the Waves! (www.s-trip.com)

Excursion options on the Viva Costa Rica Grad Trip  include the one and only chance to take surfing lessons at Tamarindo Beach  followed by a whole day to master your skills.  I feel that S-Trip offers the perfect environment to try this thrilling sport I’m sure I wouldn’t be brave enough to try on my own.  With my best friends by my side and the adventurous staff of S-Trip! encouraging us, it would make a day we could never forget!

Into the Jungle (www.s-trip.com)

Another excursion I could not miss out on is the Borinquen Jungle Adventure!  We live in Canada, and we all know there is no chance of the word “jungle” to be used in description of our various temperate terrains. I can already hear the song of the rainbow feathered birds and the creaks of entangled branches as they give in to support the weight of swinging monkeys.  Sweet fragrance from bright leaved flowers and the cool drops of water dripping from leaf to leaf… ah, paradise.  The day begins with a mountain climb on horse back and continues with zip line after zip line to bring you back down to enjoy an original Costa Rican meal and tour of one of the most active volcanoes in the world!  Sounds like my kind of day!

Cloud Nine (www.s-trip.com)

Between adrenaline pumping treks, the beach will provide a safe haven to soak up the sun, toss around a frisbee and sink our toes into the salty sand.  Growing closer to the friends I spent the past four years with… years of embarrassing, self seeking, and proud moments,  I know S-Trip! would be something to reminisce on years later at our various reunions. Who knows?  There is a great chance that during my days and nights in Costa Rica I would meet many new extravagant people, and even pick up a little Central American styled spanish! There is no true predicting how amazing an S-Trip! Grad Trip would be, but I have a very, very strong intuitive feeling that it would be one free from any type of regret.


One final admiration I have towards the well put together S-Trip! Grad Trip is that I would have the opportunity to spend a day volunteering in a Costa Rican community.  Although I know I would love all of the wild excursions Viva Costa Rica has to offer, there is no greater feeling than that of being able to give back.  The S-Trip! travellers are welcomed into a local school where we can join a game of soccer, help with any repairs the school may need, and become fast friends the warm hearted children in this country far away from our home.

A well rounded vacation rewarded to a very deserving delegate, I look forward to the announcement of the lucky winner and will be shamelessly hoping, hoping, hoping it will be me!  Thank you to S-Trip! for this generous prize to be rewarded to this years Social Media Queen!

S-Trip! takes student travellers on unforgettable adventures around the world. Celebrate the exciting conclusion of high school in the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica or Bahamas with all your friends on Grad Trip. Spend a weekend skiing or snowboarding at one of Canada’s premier mountain resorts on Ski Trip. Experience culture, sightseeing and events in Montreal or Quebec City on Busaway. Make a difference in an underdeveloped country on an impactful student Volunteer Trip. Explore the culture and history of Europe on Euro Adventure. For more information visit www.s-trip.com.








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