AH, summer.


It’s here, it’s real!

After what I’m sure was the longest winter of my life, there is nothing sweeter than this hot, humid air to demolish any need for socks or sweaters.

Our last day of classes was exactly a week from today, which means that today is the official last day of finals, and I am officially a senior! I started celebrating last Thursday, with a very adorable little girl.  Every year, on the Thursday before the Fair comes to Moose Jaw, there is a Parade to welcome it!

Thanks to Moose Jaw Ford for the hot ride!

With a title to flaunt this year, I was quick to enter to join the Parade.  Moose Jaw Ford was glad to sponsor a car I could really make a statement in, and I was glad to invite a very special guest to join me!  A family friend of ours -that is one of my favourites to babysit ;)- goes by the name Carys, and she is six years old.  Carys is hands down my biggest fan, at the very beginning of my Pageant life I made front page news of the Moose Jaw Times Herald and this very little girl Carys, has carried the article around in her purse ever since she got her hands on a copy!

Our big parade plans threw a quick curveball at the two of us when I received a phone call that the parade had been cancelled due to a never ending, teasing rain.  After hearing the news, Carys was distraught and I knew we had to show that rain who’s boss one way or another.  SO, after returning that gorgeous car to it’s home, I picked up Carys for a Girl’s Night Out!

Silly Shades!

Beginning with some froyo at Tutti Frutti, we had a chance to catch up on some quality girl talk.  Already on Main Street, we spent the next hour or so strolling up and down some of the many cute boutiques Moose Jaw has to offer!  Goofing around with sunglasses, scarves, and blinged out jewelry, the time passed too quickly.  It was one of the greatest feelings to know I could spend this time with Carys and put a beaming smile on her face,  creating an evening neither of us will forget.  Just another one of the many perks to being a title holder!  Maybe one day it will be Carys with the crown, making new memories with one of her favourite little girls.



We ended the evening with a cruise by the Fair Grounds, to see the magic happen as rides unfolded and shot into the sky.  Before saying our goodbyes, I left Carys with a “Saskatchewan Sweethearts” calendar and she was wide eyed passing through the photos of the Saskatchewan beauty queens.



The next day I was happy to attend my youngest brother’s Kindergarden Graduation celebration!  It was too cute, each one of the star students were shining beneath paper crowns, singing each word and dancing each dance with bursting pride. To say that I am now going to be in Grade 12 is insane, and it makes it even more important to enjoy these Kindergarden moments because before we know it he will be in Grade 12 and I will be into the adult world- both leading extraordinary lives, I’m sure!  I am so excited for the opportunities both of us will come across and all that life has to offer.

Enjoying a bit of the Fair myself- complete with a candy apple- the otherworldly feeling of freedom summer gives had to be brought back down to Earth while I wrote my last two finals Monday and Tuesday morning.  Giving that last bit of effort was tough but here I am, with whole, sunny days to devote to Pageant Preparation!

Ecstatic for the next few weeks of shopping, high-heeled walking, and suitcase packing, it is unreal that in only 17 days I will be leaving for Toronto!

Love today!













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