Hello, I’m Jasmine Gemmell from Bethune, Saskatchewan.

My favourite thing to do is track and I have been participating in the sport since 2008. My favourite events are sprints and hurdles. I enjoy being confronted with a challenge, especially in school, where I maintain to strive for the best I can do in every subject. My favourite subjects are science, math and German. I am currently in my second semester of German and will graduate bilingual while doing International Baccalaureate German. I will be enrolling in IB diploma in grade 11 and am planning on going to university to become an astrophysicist, as I always have been interested in cosmology and why things work the way they do. Knowledge is my passion and I absolutely love to learn. Realizing new things about the world and connecting them to relatable aspects of my life is so exciting to me, in the way that I feel that I’m an important contribution to the world, and not just another person.

100 Metre Finals at Districts 2012

My family is made up of my mother, my father, and myself. But my grandparents live in the same small town as well. We are all very close to each other, as well as the community we are a part of. My dad owns a woodworking company as well as is the mayor of Bethune. My mom works in human resources at a computer company.

My platform is the Kind Campaign. It is a documentary and non-profit movement promoting the awareness and elimination of girl to girl “crime” and alternatively promoting kindness. This topic is meaningful to me because through out my child hood and continuing on today, I have been a victim of bullying. I live in a small town where everyone knows everyone, as well as what hurts them the most. Kids are mean, and get sick of each other, and usually make that known, without knowing who they may hurt with their words and actions. I have been in the shoes of every aspect of bullying, and in no way am I claiming to be a perfect person. But right now my goal is to be the solution and to end bullying.

Please continue to check back for more information and news about my journey to Miss Teen Canada-World! Thank you!

Thank you to Kaela Gilchrist for doing my photography, and my friends and family for supporting and sponsoring me on this amazing journey.  This first blog post is brought to you by Toronto roof leak fix company and Velago Patio Furniture, Canada.

A special thanks to Christi Woolard and Rob Campbell for helping me setup this blog.

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  1. Rob Campbell says:

    Welcome to the network. Good intro post. Your profile picture needs to be a close-up of your face – like your second head shot above, but otherwise your debut is flawless good work. I like how you have all your social buttons connected – very impressive. Keep it up.

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