Day 1 & 2:

Our welcome party was held after each of us had a chance to chat with our roommates and we were absolutely spoiled!  Personalized cookies from PS by Pretty Sweets, HiTec runners, Schwarkopf Pro Osis hair products, and finally the opportunity to book a spray tan with the Golden Glamour Goddesses!  Meeting all of the girls was amazing because each of us have worked incredibly hard to be here and well, HERE WE ARE! I feel  that all of us have a unique bond. Megha, Miss Teen Canada World 2012 also joined us and has been with us on all of the excursions this week, it is great to have her around and she is definitely a remarked young woman.

Yesterday was spent completing all of our interviews, photo shoots, video shoots, and even a little practice walking in our heels! It was a long day spent in the hotel but well worth it as I’m sure all of our photos and video clips will be so fun to watch!

Day 3:

Here is where the major WOW factor comes in!! Our day was packed full but flew by almost too fast.  Beginning on Breakfast Television this morning just after six, it was many of ours first times being on a live TV Show! We were very generously welcomed in and were on our way to break fast very quickly.  Our day then continued on with a trip to the CN Tower. Here our large glamorous group stole the show and cameras were flashing all around us!  The view from the tower was spectacular and my walk on the glass floor is something to check off the bucket list.  Next we hit up the Distillery Districtan adorable little stone road, cafe speckled area– and set out on a scavenger hunt for prizes, I won two free oysters from the oyster bar, another first to add to the day that I surprisingly enjoyed! Here we indulged in burgers and flavourful fries from Cafe Uno. After that we made our way over the Yorkdale mall and received $50 gift cards from Costa Blanca! I immediately fell in love with an edgy dress and quickly bought it with my mind set to rock it once we made it to the set of Much Music’s New.Music.Live., yet another awesome adventure! Enjoying the show, we were part of the first day of the Unity week event of beat boxers and b-boys competing for a grand prize of $1 500!

The absolute most exciting part to the Unity group being there was that the founder just turns out to be Mike “Bboy Piecez” Prosserman whom I met back in Saskatoon in May at the Muscular Dystrophy Youth Conference!  Since that was such a small event him and I had a chance to chat and I was thrilled to run into him again like that. What a small world! He began his goal of creating Unity in high school and it has grown into a rather successful group, all from that one idea.  Mike is a very honest, relatable person that I can draw inspiration from and insight to the key qualities needed to be successful. I am forever grateful for this opportunity, as that was yet another unforgettable experience and person I have met in my life due to the Pageant.

I truly wish I could share photos but my tablet is being fussy.  I would like to thank you for  reading my blog and taking interest into this incredible week we are having! If you haven’t  already, like my Facebook Page and follow me on Twitter @missSCsask13 for updates as the days go on!

Every single moment has been like a dream. Thank you, thank you, thank you to every single one of my sponsors and family and friends- I would not be here without you!



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