I feel that this year’s Canada Day was a day I will never forget as a  title holder.

And so it began...

Teaming up with the Moose Jaw Canada Day Committee, I was invited to join them and lend a helping hand at the Cosmo Centre’s pancake breakfast first thing on the big day.  Circulating throughout the guests, I met many who had read my name in the paper or heard me on the radio and were excited to meet the teenage girl they had seen so much about.  Through casual conversation I was able to really connect with a mass of diverse people, offering some insight into the Pageant as well as my platform, while receiving an overwhelming dose of large smiles, hand shakes, and well wishes on my journey this summer.

Our company

Following the morning ceremony which was complete with speeches from Glenn Hagel, former mayor of Moose Jaw and members from our Armoury and air base, the committee shifted the celebration over to the amphitheatre in Crescent Park.  Here, my task was to spread the cheer by passing out mini flags, tattoos, pins, and bookmarks.  This was another great opportunity to mingle with the community, greet familiar faces and meet many new ones, as well as shamelessly bask in the warm attention the sparkling crown on my head drew in.

Sing it out!

On stage, Glenn once again did a terrific job energizing the audience and introducing each act including local bands and choirs such as the Valley View Community Choir shown in the photo to the right.   I was pleasantly surprised when Mr. Hagel called me up on stage to formally introduce me to the audience as a whole and wish me good luck in my endeavours.  I can’t thank the Moose Jaw Canada Day Committee enough for welcoming me into their celebrations and granting me the opportunity to spend the day in the company of so many wonderful people.

Great Grandma & I <3

Drifting over to the water park, I found my Great Grandma, mom, and two little brothers enjoying  the festivities.  Giving my goodbyes, I then set out to hit the road to Regina for the evening (because it would be crazy not to on such a beautiful day).  My wonderful sister-from-another-mister, Shailynn joined me and we met up with some friends to spend the evening strolling around Wascana Lake with thousands of others.  Loud music, sweet ice cream, and a sea of red and white where the perfect remedy, soothing any nerves I had about the big day coming up.   Canada is an outstandingly beautiful, peaceful, and free country that each and every one of us is blessed to live in.  The fact that I have been chosen to compete in a national competition that will reward the winner with the title of representing the whole country is simply amazing.  As I sat shoulder to shoulder with my fellow friendly Canadians, I gazed in awe at the fireworks and began to relate them to where I am in my life right now.  Surprising their audience, painting the sky flashes of vibrant colour, and basking in their moment, those fireworks are just like the Miss Teen’s I have met so far and look forward to meeting this summer.  It will be over too soon, but completely worth all of the effort and risk into making it happen.

Happy Canada Day!



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