It is no secret that Saskatchewan has been prone to many a harsh, unforgiving winter.

So how are our people so happy?  The Temple Gardens Mineral Spa Resort, located right here in Moose Jaw is the answer.   Attracting visitors nation-wide, “The Spa” welcomes a safe haven free from frozen eyelashes, frostbit toes, and merciless winds.


Opening in June 1996, The Spa was rated a four star resort under Canadian standards.  With 179 rooms, two restaurants, and the featured indoor/outdoor mineral pools linked to the Sun Tree Spa- it is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy the atmosphere of downtown Moose Jaw.  Sitting snug with Casino Moose Jaw and Crescent Park, there are opportunities for the perfect evening for two, family fun, or a girls-only weekend getaway! Temple Gardens is a home away from home for local guests, and a soothing retreat for the tired traveller.  The warm waters serve as chicken soup for the stressing soul.


Outdoor Hot Tub

The aroma and warmth of the waters are alluring on their own, but these mineral waters have secrets beyond our senses.  In 1910, drillers digging for oil came across the hot springs that service the hotel today.  As remains of an ancient sea bed 4, 430 feet below the Earth’s surface, the water flows under its own pressure to reach the pools today.

Sun Tree Spa

Nothing short of excellence, the Sun Tree Spa offers unique treatments including the Vietnamese system of Reflexology, Body Wraps, a newly designed Couples Treatment room and specialized packages for groups of ladies to enjoy indulge in during their stay.

Dinner For Two

Chandeliers, comforting fireplaces, sleek white linens and duvets- elegance is graced in every detail.  Our humble prairie city’s number one resort is the go-to location for the perfect   romantic experience.

Visitors boast with reviews titled “Always a Pleasant Stay” and “Spa is Wonderful.”  Their speech is honest, as my personal exposure to The Spa has proved the talk to be true.  Not only have I personally enjoyed the mineral waters as a place to reconnect with out-of-town family, but I have known Temple Gardens to be positively active in our community as well.  At almost all charitable events, The Spa is listed as a top sponsor- donating gift cards, unique souvenirs, and even complimentary services for the most deserving people from near or far.

Recently,  I was in contact with some of the staff from Temple Gardens that are in charge of deciding upon which lucky organizations will receive their sponsorship.   On June 16th, I am having a Walk and Roll Fundraiser for the Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy Canada.  When I met a unique and inspiring boy by the name of Max at the Muscular Dystrophy Youth Conference in Saskatoon on May 24th, I knew I had to have Max and his family as an honoured guest at my event.   Agreeing to join me here in Moose Jaw for the event all the way from Northern Saskatchewan, I was ready to show them some of Moose Jaw’s finest.   After sharing my story with the Temple Gardens staff, they were generous enough to provide a complimentary stay for Max and his family at The Spa for the weekend of the event.   This will be the perfect location to unwind after a long drive and I could not be more thrilled and thankful to have such a wonderful resort be such an active supporter of our community.  Thank you to the Temple Gardens Mineral Spa Resort for sponsoring a superb family and cause!

I invite you to explore the Temple Gardens website as well as see deeper into the reassuring environment they have created in this short and sweet video.

In closing, I would first of all like to say thank you to Niagara Falls for sponsoring the Miss Teen Canada World second blog assignment!!  I encourage you readers to tour through the charming South Central Saskatchewan and hope you will one day look forward to a getaway at Moose Jaw’s own Temple Gardens Mineral Spa Resort! Dream a little dream of mineral waters, lavish luxury, and be ready to wake up rejuvenated and aimed to claim your very own vacation to this prairie province.


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