So excited to be here!!!!

This morning we woke up at the earliest time yet…. 4:00 AM!!!! We went to breakfast television and sat in the audience. They talked about the regular news like traffic and weather, then began with us!They asked us if any of us had special talents, they also had specific people they wanted to interview. I was hoping they’d interview me about the Kind Campaign, or really anything because I love interviews. The director called my name for someone they wanted to interview so they could find me in the rows of seats, but never did end up interviewing me, they must have ran out of time on the girls who were doing their special talents. I don’t exactly have a “quirk” that I can present in a short period of time. Lindsay can recite pi! I thought that was actually amazing! I only know up to 3.14159, that is all. She just kept going for a good 30 seconds of fast numbers!

All us girls in the studio.

The host was impressed by this so she made an effort to try and memorize all our names in 10 minutes. She managed to memorize almost all our names by relating them to something, I helped her out and got her to remember my name by “Princess Jasmine” from Aladdin! I almost always introduce myself that way so people remember me. I feel so special when someone remembers my name from a long time ago or really quickly after just meeting them.

Trying to memorize "Princess Jasmine"

After Breakfast Television we went to this little breakfast place and ate. There were little birds and bees attacking our food so we had to eat quickly!

Next we went on a boat cruise and toured the water side of Toronto and saw all the tall buildings and sights around the harbour. We got a free drink and took A LOT of photos and videos mostly with waving, by this point we are experts at waving and smiling.

Then we went back to the hotel and did rehearsals, we learned our formations for the final night of top 20, 10, 5, and crowning. We usually went in groups of 10-20 and did the dances we learned to the songs but this time with special walking on and off timing. I was always in the last group because I’m #58/#62. The downside of that is we danced always at the end really short, but the upside was we always ended in the front so people can see us, best for last hopefully! We also practiced our runway walks for swim suit and ball gown, I love doing this because I feel like a model, I know I’ll never be able to do real modelling because I’m 5’1.. But this experience is so close to it, and I have fun, and thats what really counts.


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