Day three was our most tiring day! We did all work without much play on this day! We had to wake up extra early to go to the Extreme Fitness gym and get video taped for an episode of city line. Sean Cuffey also came to the hotel and choreographed our dances and worked on our walk like he did in provincials in Saskatoon. He is such a funny guy, the time we spend choreographing actually just flies by because we’re having so much fun.

Stephanie Joanne

This was our first early morning, we got up at 7:30. We all wore our cutest work out outfits and hopped on the bus. We got to the gym and got changed and went into the little workout room. The name of the work out we did was the F-31 workout, a 31 minute program consisting of a different exercise involving either strength, flexibility, or cardio followed by either the chair yoga pose or shuffling on the spot. Being an athlete who does track almost every day I thought this workout would be mild, but once I realized it was more than cardio I got a little tired. Especially with the strength exercises because they also involved cardio, like jumping from squat, up, into a squat again. I did my very best at this workout because we had been eating pizza and chicken fingers a lot so I had to work off my bad food! Cityline video taped our workout, as well as our camera man so they could post it on our final videos we ordered. After our workout we towelled off and gave us a bottle of water each. Then the creator of the workout Stephanie Joanne talked to us about fitness and health, then let us ask any questions we had on the topic. Next we ate, Fuel Foods provided lunch for us. It was this special kind of rice called kuskus, salad, and chicken. For a healthy meal, it was really good! We took some photos after that then headed back for rehearsals.

Shawn Cuffie

We got back to the hotel and went to the Sutton ball room, Sean was there to teach us our dances and how to walk. Our songs are: opening- “Dance Again” by Jennifer Lopez. Bathing suit- “Chasing the Sun” by the Wanted. Then we did our walk for ball gown and swim suit to various songs. The dance moves are very similar to the ones we did at our provincial pageant dances. Tapping our feet, raising our arms up and down, and lots of stepping. I actually like the dances more than the run way, hate to say it, but its so much more fun and you can really show your personality through it!

This day was exhausting, we worked so hard! I am currently living by the motto no pain no gain, especially from the blisters my heels are giving me! I am absolutely loving the learning experiences I’m getting, and the skills I’m acquiring from practicing so much for walking in heels. I feel so elegant and lady like when I wear them. Plus I am short so I can wear heels all my life, and it will also come in handy when I’m older and wear them regularly and can walk properly with heels.

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