Why do I think Canada is so great? I could honestly go on forever about why I’m lucky to call Canada home but I’ll keep it short and sweet by listing my top three reasons. Our freedom. It even states this in our National anthem. “The true north strong and free” The freedom that we have is our right and it cannot be taken away from us. Our hockey. Canada is home to some of the world’s most talented NHL players. Hockey and Canada go together just like Tim Horton’s and outdoor rinks. Our Love and Support. Whether it be a struggle within our own country or one of our military allies needs a little back up we never come up with excuses, we go and we help.

A collage featuring a few reasons why Canada is so great

A collage featuring a few reasons why Canada is so great


When I think about the word “Freedom” in Canada I think of two things.

The freedom we have to express ourselves, to express how we act, think, speak and feel about certain topics and subjects. We can travel freely in and out of Canada as we please. We can practice any religion or have no religion at all. These are not only choices but also a right we have as Canadian Citizens. We have a publicly funded healthcare and education system that is available to everyone (basically saying we have free healthcare, primary education so that’s awesome.)


When I think of talent in Canada I think of hockey. I know that this isn’t our national sport but it’s one I’ve grown up around, whether it be watching playoffs on television, going to my older brothers games or those few years when we billeted junior hockey players. I’ve always loved hockey and even though I never played (mostly because my mom said I was too fragile which was probably true) I always enjoyed skating on the outdoor rinks that my dad would make for my brother every winter. In my opinion hockey brings us together as Canadians. I think back to the start of the regular season this year when Cpl. Nathan Cirillo lost his life while standing guard at the National War Monument in Ottawa. This brought a great sadness all over Canada and I thought what they organized for the three Canadian teams playing a few days later was beautiful and made me realize how strong we are when we come together as a country. The games that took place in Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal all co-coordinated the singing of the national anthems where the players from each team stood shoulder to shoulder around the faceoff circle at centre ice. I also remember the countless times we’ve brought home medals from the Olympics and the IIHF Junior Championships!

Canada winning gold in the Vancouver 2010 Olympics against USA

Canada winning gold in the Vancouver 2010 Olympics against USA


Canada is so diverse in cultural. Today immigrants represent 20% of the total Canadian population. There are over 200 different ethnic backgrounds in Canada (I can’t blame people for wanting to come here, it’s pretty great!). Over 80% of people living in Canada speak a language other than English, French or an Aboriginal language. We accept anyone that comes to Canada and we don’t judge anyone on his or her background.


So in closing, these are my top three reasons I love Canada. The freedom we have is a true blessing and I couldn’t imagine living without it; our love for the game of hockey that promotes a little healthy competition whether it be in the junior leagues, national hockey league or the Olympics is always fun to enjoy; and the diversity and cultural we have throughout the provinces and territories is why I would never change my homeland. I have been lucky enough to call Canada home for 19 years and I hope to call it home for many, many more!

I am a proud Canadian. Canada Strong.

I also wanted to say with Nationals fast approaching I realize everyday how truly lucky and blessed I am to have been given this opportunity. I appreciate all the love and support from everyone and I want you to know that it means a great deal to me.

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