The following information is fictional and was written for entertainment purposes only! The people in the post are family and friends who have given me consent to use them as models for my show. I hope you enjoy it!

The Show

 Au Pair Extraordinaire is the hit new show about a young girl who travels around the world to help families in need. Dana Moskaluke grew up in a small town in Saskatchewan, where she spent her young life baby-sitting for relatives and other families in Davidson. Now, she is ready for a bigger challenge and wants to use these skills to help families all around the world. She possesses an almost magical gift for mending broken families. On Au Pair Extraordinaire, Dana accepts letters or videos from families who feel that they need some guidance raising their children, or who’s children need some lessons on how to behave properly in this day and age! This show is all about teaching parents the best techniques for discipline, sleep habits, play time, meals, attending special events, and interacting with their children. As well, the show is set up so that Dana can teach children around the world how they are expected to behave and what to say or how to act when out in public. Dana is ready for her mission – it’s time to bring back the traditional family values!

In Au Pair Extraordinaire, Dana spends two days a week with each family for six weeks. At the end of these 12 days, Dana puts her efforts and the family’s hard work to the test by taking them out on a fancy outing, where they have a chance to show the world what a real family looks like! At the event, the children will have wonderful manners and the family, as a whole, will have huge smiles guaranteed! After this success, it is time for Dana to say goodbye and send the family back into the real world. However, every show ends with a huge surprise gift to the family that suits them perfectly! Au Pair Extraordinaire is such a life-changing experience for the families who are on it, and it is very entertaining and heart-warming for the people watching!

Au Pair Extraordinaire runs every Thursday night at seven o’clock on TLC! Each one-hour episode features a new family as they evolve from disappointed and frantic, to organized and loving!

Feature Episodes

The Low family had a lot going on and with two young children, it just was not working out. With both parents working full time, helping out in the community, and having their kids be involved in many activities, there was no time left for the usual family connections. It was time for these two young children to learn what the world is really like and how they should behave in it. Be sure to check out their story and see how these energetic kids, with the help of Dana and their parents’ new techniques, go from chaotic to collective and fun in just six weeks! This family will definitely provide many laughs as you watch them struggle, as well as make you shed a few tears as you see their love bring them together! ~Aired on September 21, 2011

The White family consists of just a Mom, Dad, and young daughter, but they were definitely in need of some help on how to bring their family back together! Though Baylie is only seven years old, she was positive that she was ready to live on her own, and she had a hard time following her parents instructions. However, if you watch the show, you will see how this controlling young girl changes into a beautiful, well-behaved young woman in just six weeks. This is sure to be one of our best shows all season, as this family goes through many ups and downs that will take you through a range of emotions. Do not miss seeing the face on this little angel when she sees what she has earned for all of her hard work! ~Aired on November 17, 2011


‘Me to We’ is a proud supporter of Au Pair Extraordinaire. When they found out about the show, the founders of ‘Me to We’ were ecstatic to help out, as their program is also about helping children around the world. On each of my episodes, the family performs one task that takes a look at a family from a third-world country. They compare their own lifestyle to that of the less fortunate family and it really helps them get a reality check. ‘Me to We’ helps make this possible on Au Pair Extraordinaire and in return, some of the money made during the show is donated back to them!

Another proud supporter of Au Pair Extraordinaire is ‘Billy Elliot: The Musical’. The creators decided to support the show after realizing that many of the featured kids came with great acting talent. As Dana works with the children on the show, the creators of ‘Billy Elliot: The Musical’ are watching the expressions and enthusiam that these children often portray. After completing the six week challenge on the show, the children are usually very-well behaved, yet still have their inate spirit, which the producers find intriguing. This is exactly what ‘Billy Elliot: The Musical’ is looking for!

If you haven’t planned your Thursday evening yet, be sure to tune in to watch this new reality hit series! You won’t be disappointed!

Au Revoir! ~ Dana 🙂

Written by: Dana Moskaluke
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